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any suggestions

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by sianrecovery, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. sianrecovery

    sianrecovery Senior Member

    Manchester UK
    Did well on Rich's Simplified protocol for six months. Now feel pretty awful. May well have nothing to do with methylation protocol, also on T3, augmentin and anti-fungals, and very stressed with house move.

    I realise that's not much to go...but any suggestions received gratefully. BTW, am thinking of moving to sunflower lecithin, any feedback?
  2. aquariusgirl

    aquariusgirl Senior Member

    I suspect that protocol depletes minerals & other b vits unless u supplement well. I know yasko has some of her patients on 200 mg of B2 a day for example.
    I did the simplified for 4 years. In retrospect, I think it did more harm than good. Couldn't tolerate glutathione by the end of that time, cos i had run down my B2& B3. Endured a lot of what I realized later was excitotoxicity not detox....in top of detox. Bummer all round.
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  3. Lou

    Lou Senior Member

    southeast US
    How long have you been on T3? Don't think Dr. Cheney's a big fan of us taking T3, though I can't remember his basis for thinking this.
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  4. sregan

    sregan Senior Member

    I find stress is a big factor and believe you may need to up your b12 dose during times of stress. I would also make sure you are covering your bases with minerals. I also take a small amount of b1, b2, b3 and p5p per day (see my blog post).
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  5. Faye


    I'm a newbie, and was just wondering why you think the yasko simplified protocol did not work? I was also wondering if you have ever heard of anyone having there MTHFR mutations come back with different results from two different labs, as this happened to me and I had one lab that has volunteered to retest me and the other lab said they would rerun the test. I'm not sure how they can rerun a three month old blood blot test from doctors data? The other lab is spectracell that has offered to rerun the test.
    Any help would be appreciated.
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  6. stridor

    stridor Senior Member

    When I started thyroid meds things went well at first but my adrenals which were dying from mercury, low B2 and methylation meltdown, indicated that this was the last straw. They packed it in - that was 2011 and they have not recovered. Add to this potentiality that you have other stressors in your life....worth considering.
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