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Any one familiar with reactive arthritis/ seronegative arthritis?

Discussion in 'Pain and Inflammation' started by donovank730, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. donovank730


    Well I will try to make a long story short but I came down with an illness two years ago that started with severe stomach burning and fatigue and over time has turned into severe ibs( constipation), eye pain, severe muscle fasiculations/ monoclonic jerking, joint pain, muscle pain, prostate and urethral pain and spots all over my tongue(geographic tongue).

    This is a spot on diagnosis of reactive arthritis, the only issue is that they have no idea what seems to be causing it. So far the only relief I have from this pain is to follow a extremely strict starch free diet. Any deviation from the diet leaves me feeling like my body has the flu, aching all over and joint pain/prostate pain/ eye pain.

    Does anyone have experience with this condition? Also worth mentioning is that I am currently being treated with 4 antibiotics for tuberculosis because my infections disease doctor discovered I had latent t.b and decided to treat me for it because it was the only thing he could find wrong with me, but it has not seemed to help much.

    I just want my life back! I have made alot of improvements in the past year and I no long feel like life is worthless, but I still suffer greatly and dream of getting back to my pre-sickness state.

    I welcome and and all questions and comments.
  2. Sea

    Sea Senior Member

    NSW Australia
    I had 4 months of Reactive Arthritis following an infection with Parvovirus. Unlike the usual pain I have with ME/CFS/FM/Osteoarthritis my joints swelled considerably. I couldn't fit into any of my shoes.

    I was given a short high dose course of Prednisone which made a huge difference.
  3. donovank730


    thanks for your reply, strangely I do not, nor have I ever had any swelling or inflammatory markers
  4. Sherlock

    Sherlock tart cherry etc. for joints, insomnia

    Czechosherlockia, USA

    I've had problems with small joints since a year ago, which was several years after first getting sick. Things became much worse over the past month, which is why I came back to PR. But then, things are much better over the past two days.

    It comes and goes. I haven't been able to identify the trigger. Food allergy? Getting a virus cold that my system overreacts to? A spate of leaky gut? I don't know.

    Is it possible that candida / leaky gut makes you react to carbs?

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