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Anxiety After Eating

Discussion in 'The Gut: De Meirleir & Maes; H2S; Leaky Gut' started by Lotus97, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. Dufresne

    Dufresne almost there...

    I’ve gone all day without these symptoms. Then within five minutes of eating they'd start up again. If you suspect it’s a liver thing, try the flush. I don’t think there’s any risk in it.

    Cort recently posted that eating activates the sympathetic nervous system. I would have thought the parasympathetic ('rest and digest'), but this might be worth looking into.
  2. Jarod

    Jarod Senior Member

    planet earth
    i'm suspect of H pylori, or at least some kind of GI infection Lotus97

    It is in a large percentage of the population and can affect many different organs. Thinktank

    The gall bladder, lower intestine, stomach may be affected. From what I read the bacteria can give off sulfites and ammonia. Which are not only bad for your mood, but can affect intestinal health. Also if your sulfur is going to sulfites due to h pylori, you are screwed because you need that for making glutathione and detox.

    H pylori is difficult to irradicate, and often many different combinations of anti-biotics are used to try and treat it often without success.

    H pylori is another one of those nasty infections largely ignored, as it was only proven in the 80's by a doc who had to infect and cure himself with ABX to prove it was the cause of GI ulcers.

    Once one gets H pylori, the gut dysfunction and everything else helps contribute to the nutrional and absorption issues most of us battle. Along with poor mood if ammonia is high.

    EDIT: Might also want to think about your liver and if it is reacting in some way. Also check out leaky gut.

  3. Thinktank

    Thinktank Senior Member

    Dufresne, A liver flush is on my planning, i've read some positive reviews about Hulda Clark's flush.

    I did a whole abdomen CT scan + contrast fluid + enema last week and it looks like i have a few cysts in my liver up to 1.4cm in diameter. The abdominal MRI scan i had a few months ago confirms the finding and also reports something called "von meyenburg complex" which is the formation of innumerable small cysts throughout both liver lobes. These cysts are just a few millimeter in diameter. I suspect the cysts are blocking the bile flow or functioning of my liver somehow. But how do they really know those are cysts and not very small stones or some other kind of solid formations?

    Jarod, biopsies and other testing methods for H. Pylori have always come back negative.

    I Did the sulfite metabolite test from Dr. Kenny de Meirleir and it shows a moderate to severe reaction. See pic below, i still have to figure out why and if it might contribute to my disease.

  4. Dufresne

    Dufresne almost there...


    It's interesting to see what comes out during a liver flush. I'd get fewer and fewer of these little bile plugs the more flushes I did. I've read some dismissive explanations of what these things are, like that they're merely the natural result when you mix bile with olive oil and grapefruit, etc. But that doesn't explain why they decrease in number. I highly recommend the flush. I've read of at least one ME/CFS sufferer who cured their illness with it.

    You might also want to experiment with coffee enemas. I've read accounts of short-lived 90% relief from symptoms with these. They too stimulate liver detox and bile flushing.

    I contracted a rare flu a couple years ago which had me vomiting pretty solidly for about 12 hours. The next day I felt 90% well. just like following a liver cleanse. I think this probably was the result of the bile purge and fasting.

    A possible explanation for the feelings of wellness following these purges is that the liver is described by Dr Cheney as the center for redox control, or something like that. Perhaps the process shifts redox throughout the whole system.

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