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"Anonymous Internet Vigilantes Taking Peer Review Into Their Own Hands" (Oct 3)

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by Dolphin, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. Dolphin

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  2. Cheesus

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    I checked out what these anonymous vigilantes were saying about PACE, but there isn't much of a discussion. A couple of the comments are from Tom Kindlon and Allem Mathees, but they are simply mirrors of what has been posted on PubMed. There are a couple of more comments posted directly to PubPeer but not a huge amount.
  3. Hip

    Hip Senior Member

    I had not heard of PubPeer, but it seems like a good concept.

    There has been a worry in academia about the future of peer review with the advent of open-access journal publishing. The concern is that online open-access peer review may not be as good as traditional peer review.

    But PubPeer, while not the journal's own review process, seems to show that online reviewing can be good at spotting errors.

    PubPeer offer browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome and Safari that will automatically insert PubPeer comments on any paper you read on PubMed.

    I counted around 80 different ME/CFS studies on PubPeer, when searching under "chronic fatigue syndrome".
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