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Americans on Disability - milking the system

Discussion in 'Finances, Work, and Disability' started by roxie60, May 7, 2012.

  1. hurtingallthetimet

    hurtingallthetimet Senior Member

    saw the thread and though i didnt feel like reading everythign...i agree with those who says proabably some do fruad but i think some dont that get accused...ive seen on other supoprt groups maybe this one to and i dont remember about people being followed and accused of fruad but usualy like workers comp thing from what i remember.,,

    what i dont understand is one guy had vented about being upset becaues he was followed and video of him shoveling or picking up kid or something and it was used against him...how can a one time thing like that...be edited to look like the guy isnt disabiled? how can they follow someoone cut and put together video to make him look like a fraud when he did something like that once or a few times??

    it makes no sense...just because someone is disabiled it doesnt mean that they dont have to go and do things at one time or another..i think from what i recall he had to shovell the snow cause of hoa...had no one to help...people have to still do things when they dont have help thats just common sense...just because they have to do it to live doesnt mean they dance around doing it and loving it...no one knows how they feel and what they go through...ive seen very very old people bend in half grocery shopping pushing buggy and felt bad for them...it was visible that they didnt look they should be doing that at all.....i just felt really bad for the guy who posted about shoveling...its like a witch hunt..

    everyone is different and no one knows someones sitaution if they dont have all the facts...and i hate the way people with these illness are treated its like no one can be sick because its invisible and if they do things they have to like shovel..pick a child up...or shop..or whatever then they must be faking...thats crazy...but let someone with another illness that causes the same symptoms do that and its like they want to throw them a big party for trying so hard.

    ive ranted and ranted about this because of the people ive seen post their stories and its so sad...and because i knew someone through someone who was a great father but his angry ex accused him of child neglect and reported it...and it devasted his family....sorry i guess i got off subject but having a bad day and hurting really bad .. again its like a witch hunt
  2. jimells

    jimells Senior Member

    northern Maine
    Hi hurting, what you described is quite common in the U.S. My former partner had been fighting to win a workers comp claim for many years. About five years ago we lived in a small, close-built neighborhood in a very small town. Everybody knew who belonged there and who didn't.

    One Saturday morning I looked out the window and there was a strange car, with dark windows, parked next to the driveway. Later it was parked down the street, then I saw it by the post office. Finally I stopped and confronted him, informing him that we didn't like spies in our neighborhood. He gave me a bogus story about measuring cell phone signal strength, complete with a business card, and a reference to an obvious bogus web site. I guess he didn't like confrontation, because he left and didn't come back!

    A while later my partner received a copy of the dic's report from her lawyer. It included some newspaper articles about some other person, in a different part of the state, with a similar name. The report was totally bogus. But hey, even a private dic has got to make a living!
  3. jimells

    jimells Senior Member

    northern Maine
    Unfortunately the propaganda machine is so loud, not many of us can hear your message!

    I have to agree with you about the Pilgrims. I grew up forty miles north of Boston, so I got a belly full of propaganda about the Pilgrims, Paul Revere, The Revolution, and all the other rubbish.

    I wonder if UK schoolkids are told that the Pilgrims came to the New World for 'Religious Freedom'. That's what I was told. The schoolbooks didn't mention they wanted to be be free to impose their own theocratic fundamentalist regime! The books also forgot to tell us that the colonies were organized as corporations, for the sole purpose of accumulating profits by exploiting resources, indentured servants, native peoples, and eventually imported slaves.

    It's hard for me to see how much good can grow from such evil roots.
  4. mellster

    mellster Marco

    San Francisco
    No doubt about the propaganda - but that doesn't change the fact that they already mostly BKed the US, even if you would seize the riches money it would not get you that far. Also the Pilgrims did likely not behave better or worse than the rest of the world. Cruelties to mankind are not an invention of the US or a secret society. It's hard to find any innocent folks out there, maybe you could name native Indians amongst then and some other native jungle folks or nomads or aborigines (maybe also the Amish?) - but even amongst those cruel rites exist(ed), but they never industrialized and developed to the point where they can be more effective at being cruel..
  5. SilverbladeTE

    SilverbladeTE Senior Member

    Somewhere near Glasgow, Scotland
    yeah most Americans don't realize the Puritans were loathed and regarded as vicious extremists, in a time OF extremism! So they were pretty far off the "deep end" :p
    See how Cromwell's men destoryed many of the great religious shrines/works of art throughout England, etc

    The work of many of the ealry Founders though was amazing in terms of decency, genuine democracy, protection etc,, Parliamentary systems are more stable than Presidential which is IMHO behind fair chunk of US woes, but bar that, USA's Decleration/Constituion/bill of rights are fantastic :)

    Recent item at the TED conference also showed the problem, US citizens have been sold a load of crap that "the rich make jobs"
    no they don't, if the rich make jobs, and the rich are getting richer and more of 'em, why are the rest of folsk getting poorer and out of work! ;)
    Consuming citzens make jobs, NOT the rich.
    Supply (jobs) must have demand (consumers)
    More stable, middle class folls you got to spend money, more jobs you have, simples!
    A rich person simply cannot (he doesn't have 100 asses needing 100 pants ;P) and will not spend (because he's usually obsessed with getting richer, not spending) the same as a bunch of middle class folks.

    Lincoln warned of this problem way back.
    Big Business becomes a monster, promoting social strife and fear, reducing education, support and enfranchisment, so they have no opposition. See Levenson Inquiry in UK for more evidence of this.
    So last 150 years they've warped the sensibilities of the growing US nation to follow *their* goals, no damn different than the Soviets or whatever whackos, just using different methods to obtain their goals (mirror image as it were), which is, absolute control, but doing so subtly, to avoid paying tax or having any social responsibility because they don't give a damn.
    Hence, we're at the sharp end. We are superflous to a system that has no compassion and only cares about the next Quarterly profits.
    Then you add in the growth of religious extremism, of all kinds in the face of enlightenment via science/media and exposure of the evils of organized religion AND folk seeking a "comfort blanket" against a more changing/data overload world, and it gets nasty.

    UK provoked the the Zulu nation into attacking it (see Battles of Isandlahwana and Rorke's Drift)
    to have excuse to invade/take over the Zulu's land
    And then take over the Boer's land (Boer War)
    Giving the British Empire the gold/diamond mines of SOuth Africa.
    Ring any bells in modern time? :pAmerica is responsible for great deal of the world's advancement in last few hundred years (like the Apollo Project), it is not a question of "US= bad!", British, and others, been sucmbags to for a lot longer :p
    Just USA is a superpower, with 5000 nukes, and should know better because of things like the Bill of Rights it created. COmpare US's sort of oh "outlook/cutlture" etc 30+ years ago to today
    sure lot of nasty crap has reduced and improvements, but there's huge rise in extremism, selfishness before neighbour/nation, deliberate ignorance, and partizanship that's very very bad.
    At continuing rates, the USA will inevitably fracture as the partizanship is that crazily extreme :/
    What the heck good will a new "Fort Sumter" achieve? :(

    Alas, US is still "young" as a culture and fragmented. generally nations only learn/achieve coherency after great suffering and if they are lucky enough to have a history that's not ignorant/bloody.
    Pure good luck and work of few great folk in midst of extremists, greed and psychos that US/Canada/Australia/NewZealand/Western Europe are modern democracies.
    Took two world wars and massive carnage for the UK to grow out of some of its bullcrap (and has forgotten this to an extent)
    THe actual degree of decency/non-extremism in US Civil War versus what usually occurs in civil wars, was great sign of decency in the nation :) Today though...?
    Politically, rights/wrongs of enforced federalization are arguable, but compassion, politicial/social/morla thoughts of those involved on both sides of the Civil War were often of very high calibre and show incredible promise

    How a society treats its sick, it's poor, it's "odd" reflects greatly upon it.
    It would cost vastly less to treat us, than to let us die off, why then let it occur?
    Bureacratic inertia, greed that's blinded by short term interest not long term improvement, possible guilt/secrecy, and sheer bloody evil.
    Evil is nearly always mundane, banal, small minded, not "Big bold and darkly attractive" :p
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  6. SilverbladeTE

    SilverbladeTE Senior Member

    Somewhere near Glasgow, Scotland
    did you know that in the USA, corporate scumbags dropped high explosive and poison gas bombs on US civilians and machine gunned women and kids?

    Similar crap, including disarming the Public and NOT for safety, occured in the UK, because the idea of peons having decent wages and conditions was unthinkable! :rolleyes:
    They sent English soldiers and tanks onto the streets of Glasgow.

    Point being: Human Beings mean NOTHING to scumbags.
    The worst scumbags aren't the terrorists the "moslems" the "Hackers" or whatever, it's always your own bloody elite, in whatever nation/system you are living under,and they use the media to divert your attention and blame others.

    We are not living in fair free Democracies under the rule of law, we're living under Oligarchies headed to corporate fascism and either collapse or horror. Doubt that anyone?
    Well, 50o0 USA and 200 Uk dead and NO ONE has paid the price for a war over complete lies that were all about making oil corporations rich.

    We folks with ME are a problem, we cost money, we threaten to expose some issue that will cause political upset so we must be snuffed out, quietly.
    They don't use gas chambers now, they can and are using complete social disenfranchisment and policies of xenophobia...untermenshen!
    In future, you'll either be living in a gated community in splendor (0.1%)
    in a constant state of fear of losing your low middle class life as a corporate wage slave (60%)
    or be on the street or more likely, dead. (ah population problem solverd 39.9% and going down!)

    part of this is that video I posted about exponentials and finances.
    Most people will not be able to afford healthcare.
    Wake up people.
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