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Amalgam fillings and mercury toxicity aggravating adrenal fatigue?

Discussion in 'Adrenal Dysfunction' started by Mikee5, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. Mikee5


    I had 10 amalgam fillings about a month ago, all in my molars and most of them are about 5-10 years old. I had only three removed so far, one unsafely removed and the other two 'safely' removed by a biological dentist. I plan on continuing to remove all my fillings, but I'm not sure if they're the root of my issues.

    Adrenal fatigue, low blood sugar and hypothyroidism have been plaguing me for at least three years. They weren't issues that gradually happened, and were triggered by an adrenal crisis. However, prior to the adrenal crisis I still struggled with quite mild fatigue and low stamina. Most conventional treatments have not worked so far, and tend to aggravate my symptoms. I've hypothesised that my detox pathways have been impaired since my adrenal crisis and mercury has been slowly accumulating in my body and not being detoxed properly, which has worsened my condition rather than making it better and hindered my recovery in the process, explaining my poor response to treatment.

    When the first filling was unsafely removed, I suspect I had heightened mercury toxicity symptoms afterwards, but they were not textbook, conventional ones. I had very frequent 5-6 normal bowel movements A DAY, was excessively sleeping and napping and my fatigue was exacerbated. This lasted for just over a week and then I suddenly felt more energised and 'myself'. The chronic morning fatigue had lifted, my libido improved, I no longer craved protein and my blood sugar did not feel very low.

    It has now been over two weeks after removing the other two fillings safely. The effects are milder but still present, and have not really been relieved since.

    Has any body here experienced any relief in HPA-axis dysfunction, adrenal crisis or hypothyroid symptoms since removing amalgam fillings or detoxing mercury? My issues with cognitive impairment, mental fatigue and the evident weakening of my endocrine system makes me suspect mercury is a major obstacle in my recovery, and perhaps explains why treatments have not worked for me.

    I'd also like to note that I respond similarly to juicing, I feel 'poisoned' after a couple of days and I get similar symptoms to that I had post my amalgam removal. I have not tried to detox post amalgam removal for these reasons and plan to do so when all my fillings are removed.
  2. Chocolove

    Chocolove Tournament of the Phoenix - Rise Again

    @Mikee5 Adrenal crisis is life threatening and I wonder how you recovered/were treated. People usually do not realize that an adrenal crisis means that you are dying. It takes the adrenals a long, long, time to recover from something like that - as much as 2 years, assuming you don't get sick or need surgery - including dental procedures.

    I do hope you are not using any stimulants like tea, coffee or chocolate, etc. that will further run down your adrenals.

    I hope you do not stress your body too much with these dental procedures. Were you given steroids to get through these procedures? Of course a dental infection can provoke an adrenal crisis. Infections are a heavy burden on the adrenals.

    You may want to read up on this. I haven't found too many folks very familiar with how to recover the adrenals. Mainstream med just waits for them to fail and puts you on corticosteroids for life...with horrible consequences. I do hope your adrenals can recover but you are obviously in a risky long term situation.

    Finding a good adrenal insufficiency forum might help. Here is some reading that might help:
  3. Mikee5


    My adrenal crisis happened over 3 years ago. I was not actually aware of what was happening because I had no history of known adrenal issues, so I did not seek medical help or treated it in any way. The crisis was triggered by a chronically low carb and low calorie diet combined with excessive cardio. Despite the crisis, I continued with my diet for at least 4-5 more months. Since then I have attempted many things to treat my adrenal issues, including elimination diets, adrenal supplements, hydrocortisone, lifestyle changes, thyroid medication etc. with little success.

    Like I said in my post, mercury toxicity may be a factor in preventing recovery. I hope
  4. Chocolove

    Chocolove Tournament of the Phoenix - Rise Again

    @Mikee5 Adrenal Insufficiency due to over-training is known. Your continued diet probably further stressed the adrenals. Adrenals will take a long time to recover and becoming disease free is essential. These articles are of interest:
    http://www.cnelm.com/NutritionPract.../Articles/3 Overtrainingformatted4_IC_ML3.pdf

    I have found this book by Dr. Michael Lam MD very helpful:
    Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome: Reclaim Your Energy and Vitality with Clinically Proven Natural Programs.

    Your adrenals require specific nutrient assistance which is covered in this book.

    Further, many people suffer from basic vitamin/mineral deficiencies, which if not addressed, will mean progressive deterioration. Review of the following article will help you identify what you are missing. There are widespread dietary vitamin/mineral deficiencies in the USA as cited below. One can only guess how many more suffer serious nutrient depletion due to drugs, disease, and genetic issues.

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  5. WoolPippi

    WoolPippi Senior Member

    yes, very much so. Getting rid of my amalgam fillings was the start of my recovery.

    I'm stunned how burdened the system was when mercury was floating around, even in these small quantities that normal people (and my dentist) scoff at.

    I second Chocolove's remarks about adrenal support. I take an array of minerals and avoid foods that require much energy to digest (i.e. all raw foods, all leafy vegetables). I'm now managing my Adrenal Insufficiency and am even slowly healing of it, I think. If you have A.I. you need to take Hydrocortison. If you do, you need to monitor your blood four times a year. The site addisonssupport.com is very helpful to me. I did a consult with Dusty Hartman and read the forum.
    Before I also was taught how to do proper HRT by all round endocrinologist dr. T. Hertoghe in Brussels. (verrrrry expensive)

    btw, adrenals seem to hate aerobic exercises and sweaty sports. I just cannot recover from cardio even though I love doing them. It wipes me out for days. Or is this a fault in the mitochondria rather than adrenals?

    Anaerobics such as powerlifting go very well though. Slow and powerful movements. I now lift two or three times a week, started last August.

    But to circle back to your initial question: yes, mercury is kryptonite to some people. Other stuff I react as powerful to are: vanillin; soy; estrogen; copper (copperdump when you take much zinc supplement), lack of zinc, lack of vit D, lack of lithium (the mineral). So I'm not surprised how powerful mercury can be to some.
  6. caledonia


    Cincinnati, OH, USA
    My thyroid recovered from 12 years of autoimmune thyroiditis after getting the last of my mercury fillings out.

    Your symptoms are consistent with mercury toxicity.

    I've heard many stories of thyroid and adrenal recovery after chelating out mercury.

    If you want to remove mercury, my suggestion is to only use the Andrew Cutler Frequent Dose Chelation protocol. If you take chelators longer apart than within their half life, it can make you worse. I am currently chelating with this protocol and doing well with it. I was made worse by other protocols.

    For more info, click on my signature link, then go to the Andrew Cutler chelation section - info on how to test for mercury and other metals, how to chelate, Andrew Cutler support groups, etc.
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