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Aloe vera juice for oesophagitis - pros and cons? What should I know?

Discussion in 'The Gut: De Meirleir & Maes; H2S; Leaky Gut' started by Sasha, May 4, 2015.

  1. Sasha

    Sasha Fine, thank you

    I have oesophagitis, following an oesophageal spasm eight weeks ago. I'm getting burning in my oesophagus every time I eat something.

    I'll be having some diagnostic tests soon but I'm wondering if it would help to take something to try to heal my oesophagus. I didn't want to take PPIs or antacids so it's completely untreated.

    I thought of aloe vera juice. I can get this stuff, for example (I'm in the UK), which is 99.9% aloe vera juice plus ascorbic acid and potassium sorbate. It says it's the whole leaf with gel, and with aloin removed.

    Is it likely to help? Any likely problems?

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