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Allergies, IGE, mast cells, and cell damage

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by WillowJ, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. WillowJ

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    WA, USA
    long article but well worth the read:
    by Carl Zimmer

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  2. roller

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    IgE only when the intruder goes on a rampage

    helminths share sequences of genetic strings with plants/fungi/...
    e.g. the fluke Schisto japa appears to the body as birch pollen, as they have overlapping genes.

    Dunne concludes: nature planned to equip us (and plants...) with a defense to helminths and therefore made us allergic to helminths.
    unfortunately, the genes are overlapping (e.g. schisto = birch), and therefore we fall sick to birch pollen.
    i think, they couldnt be more wrong on this reasoning. correct me, if they mean something different.

    sure thing - i want to be allergic to helminths. what to do?
    stupidly, i was tested unallergic to the known culprits.

    option based on Medzhitov idee:
    reduce IGF-1 to increase injury caused by helminths

    option based on Dunne idee:
    become allergic to birch pollen (means, the allergens of the helminths i have)
    how? perhaps by applying pollen extract to tissue, ingesting... any ideas?
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  3. roller

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    looking at circumstantial evidence, allergies seem of utmost importance.
    faik humans and helminths have 100% same genetics, btw.

    and this has to do with the allergic response as well?
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