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Advice wanted.. leg issue is stopping me from being able to Sleep

Discussion in 'Sleep' started by taniaaust1, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    Hi thanks for the advice. I used to take fish oil ALL THE TIME (for several years) but stopped doing that as I found it only helped me when I was having issues with osteroarthritis and inflammation due to that, it didnt help anything at all ME/CFS symptom wise. (So i now only take it when Ive got back issues coming from the osteroarthritis.. which has actually been great of late.. I only needed to to go to my physio for back pain once in the past twelve months.. so only took it for a few weeks then till I got to physio who fixed pain again).

    I cut back on all the supplements which werent helping at all (I was taking a crazy amount of them at one point and they were not doing a thing, so now Im just taking what helps when it can help).

    The issue I had the other day.. wasnt pain at all, there was no pain involved in either my legs or spine.. its hard to explain but more of a very very irritating discomfort of tingling but not tingling.. maybe rather like having the heevy jevies in ones spine./legs. Kind of like how one would be irritated if there was ringing in ones ear going on but rather then that and something being heard, the irritation was in my lower back... soo bothersome it stopped me from being able to sleep. (Im hoping someone else comes out and explains the feeling better then me, Im not doing a good job at explaining it.. its very hard too).

    Anyway. i just wanted to clarifiy it as I can see people are having trouble understanding the issue I was having.. no pain involved at all.. just an extremely irritating feeling (just like how one would be wanting to wiggle around if someone was running a nail down a blackboard... a feeling which makes one just want to squirm but isnt painful at all).

    I did try stretching the area the other day (without any luck) and I also tried curling myself in a ball and like trying to roll in circles on the very area of my spine where the irritating feel was coming from.. but that didnt help it either.

    I was then going to try hitting my back hard in that area with maybe a belt to see if that would help.. as I thought maybe applying pain to the area which was extremely irritating me.. would like calm it. a pain would of felt far better then the irritating feel I was feeling and quite possibly may of brought the area some relief. (I'll try to use pain to get the feeling to stop next time it occurs)

    thanks for the thoughts.

    ps.. I still had the feeling some in my legs the next day so stayed all day off of them and by that next night the feeling was completely gone (due to me having rested).

    I kind of now dont know whether I should try to do that much physical activity again to see if that triggers it off again postexertionally or if I should just give up on trying to increase my activity level curently. I guess Im going to have to experiement more with activity to see if this is just going to be a very occassion thing with increased activity or not.

    It wont be worth having the extra couple of hours of activity into my week if its going to do that to me and make it so I cant sleep (if the leg thing keeps happening and cant be treated?).
  2. peggy-sue


    I get RLS, cramps and the odd flying limb, mostly helped by supplementing with Mg andCa (in mole equivalents).

    But I also do get the odd bout of it.

    Sometimes, it really helps to get up and go to a room where there is a cold floor, and stand, straight-legged and bare-footed on the cold surface for a while.:)
  3. Wayne

    Wayne Senior Member

    Ashland, Oregon
    Hi Tania, I'm not replying here to try to change your mind in any way. Did want to mention however, that your assumption that taking calcium and/or magnesium in forms other than the freeze dried form was very familiar to mine. I believed that if I supplemented with other non-freeze dried products, my body would have gotten what it needed.

    I found this to be a highly erroneous assumption, and have for many years appreciated that the store owner convinced me to give the A to B calm a try. It has worked almost miraculously for me and other friends in a variety of ways. Though it may not address your own current problem, I think it would be good for most pwCFS to have this product handy for various kinds of situations (some of which may border on crisis mode).

    Best Regards, Wayne
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