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ACAT SNP – what can you do for it? A first priority SNP &gut

Discussion in 'The Gut: De Meirleir & Maes; H2S; Leaky Gut' started by student, May 6, 2015.


Where are the fatty acid metabolites ? What do they do ? in ACAT SNP

  1. ACAT influences - it compromises the normal function of gut.

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  2. ACAT is poor understood - I do not see an influence

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  3. ACAT SNP is improtant - It can lead to leaky gut.

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  1. student

    student Senior Member

    Yes – First priority SNPs. I will trie to work out everything, that can be good for my bowls. Results of 23&ME are back: ACAT1 +/- is there. CBS +/- (2x) is there (see my signature), no SHMT. I am sitting with the literature for (1) the ACAT SNP: please see my Questions 1-3.

    Keton bodys and Energy. Q Komplex No 1: What has the Keton body pathways to do with the Energy efficiencies? Has anyone of you gone into the chemistrie.

    It was said that ACAT1 SNP influence the 3.keto-thio-lase. Enzyme. Q Komplex No 2: Is this where the need for free Thiol diet comes in? I have the heterozygote +/- partial version. How of you hast he homozygote +/+ ACAT1-02 SNP? What is your experience…

    A compromised Keton body metabolism with the ACAT1-02 SNP. It will collect Fatty acid metabilites. – Q Komplex No3. Where are they. What can these fatty acid metabolites do. Where (in what organs/ what structures do they lie around – untuched and not moved away, like garbage? Does M. Pall mention fatty acids within the No/onoo Theories– or other pathway waste theorie? Could there be good changes with superficial scin FAR Infrared sauna treatment. What if you gained just enough Pathway strength – later on. Will they be moved with the help of glutathion or others – later on?

    greetings ;) student

    How will this influence the bowls.
  2. Valentijn

    Valentijn The Diabolic Logic


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