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AABB "actively discourages" CFS blood donation in USA!!!

Discussion in 'Media, Interviews, Blogs, Talks, Events about XMRV' started by V99, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. acer2000

    acer2000 Senior Member

    I'm just curious, does anyone know who the PR firm that the WPI uses, if in fact they use one? It seems like some of these issues with bad quotes and press relations could have been/could be addressed by using a PR consultant who is saavy in this area?
  2. V99


    I have never seen a quote for this, only a line in an article.

    As for the Video, I saw that too, but it is hard to interpret whether it is taken out of context or not because it has been edited. It may be that this has been filmed for use if XMRV is shown to be the cause, and in that case the filmmakers should not have used it.
  3. Cort

    Cort Phoenix Rising Founder

    Thanks Tina, I agree with almost everything you say. The WPI was impeccable up to the XMRV launch; they were able to get considerable amounts of federal funding to assist with the Institute and they had a rock solid and exciting research program (and, of course, they still do). I think there's science and there's politics or etiquette or whatever and I think an institution can have rock solid science,as the WPI obviously does, and get hurt if they don't manage the PR end. Dr. Mikovits scientific credentials are impeccable and she was able to enroll top scientists from two important Institutes (NCI, Cleveland Clinic) to work with her and then she was able to get a paper published in the top journal in the land - she's got the science part down!

    But talking about autism before XMRV has been validated in CFS - that was throwing yourself into a hot button topic immediately! (wasn't CFS enough?). Yi, Yi, Yi! I say stick to the science Judy and let Dr. Donnica talk about CFS and XMRV - she is a media person - she's experienced in that; she knows what to say and not to say. Annette is also very good - she's calm, she's very poised and she's as smart as a whip! She's an excellent spokeswomen.

    You've got two excellent representative and knock em dead researcher working away back in the lab; what a great combination - how can you not win? Just keep everybody within their circles of expertise. Judy talks to researchers and research groups, the other two talk to the media (and the patients).

    If the WPI is right it will all turn out in the long run anyway - just easier not to ruffle so many feathers along the way. :)
  4. Megan

    Megan Senior Member

    Thanks again Tina! You've knitted together everyone's thoughts really well.
  5. usedtobeperkytina

    usedtobeperkytina Senior Member

    Clay, Alabama
    Well, getting thoughts into words is what I do for a living. But as for knitting......


    Not so much.


  6. shiso

    shiso Senior Member

    Thanks for your post Tina.

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