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A cost effectiveness of the PACE trial

Discussion in 'Latest ME/CFS Research' started by user9876, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Esther12

    Esther12 Senior Member


    I can't remember if the PACE CBT manual includes stuff about 'overcoming a reliance on caregivers' type stuff. I've seen that sort of thing in other CBT plans...

    I just checked the shorter participants guide for CBT and found this:

    Ugh... I really felt dirty reading some of the other parts of that. I think that the more I read of this stuff, the more I hate it.

    More generally I think there would be a real danger that interventions founded upon models that assume patients have greater control over their symptoms would also be more likely to lead to a degree of response bias in questionnaires on the amount of support taken.

    I had a look though the APT participants guide and couldn't find anything similar.

    I don't think it's fair to assume that this would lead to people with APT to make use of more support, but I found it, so many as well post it here too.

    tbh, I didn't much like reading the APT guide either!
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  2. Dolphin

    Dolphin Senior Member

    Yes, it's important to point out that the reliability of the whole supposed cost-effectiveness value for CBT and GET from a societal perspective largely depends on participants accurately reporting this one measure (as there wasn't much difference in anything else).
  3. Tom Kindlon

    Tom Kindlon Senior Member

    My latest comment on the PACE Trial cost effectiveness paper:
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  4. Tom Kindlon

    Tom Kindlon Senior Member

    I just posted another comment:
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