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50% results and 50% futility in Dr. appt

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by Shoesies, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. peggy-sue


    When I finally did get clinical depression from having ME, I told my gp I had clinical depression and wanted ADs.
    With great glee, he got out his little Beck Depression Inventory and asked me all the questions on it over the phone, and agreed. I had clinical depression.
    (I don't understand why no gp had got out the Beck DI before prescribing ADs to me before that!).

    Anyhow, I'd heard that Citalopram could be easier for PWME to take than Sertraline. Prozac was out, because I'd been on it years before and it only works the first time you take it.

    The normal starting dose is 20mg.
    I only took 10mg.
    I was bouncing off the walls for 6 weeks, with every known side effect and several unknown, before it finally kicked in.
    I still only take 10mg.

    The dose of amitriptyline I was given was the same dose as is given to 7 year-olds to help prevent bed-wetting.

    It put me on another planet; (nothing to do with aliens)
    I got all dissociated from myself. Out-of-body sort of experiences.
    I simply couldn't handle the stuff.
  2. Valentijn

    Valentijn Senior Member

    Beck Depression Inventory has a lot of questions that will come up positive simply due to having a chronic illness with a lot of symptoms.

    That doesn't necessarily mean someone taking it isn't depressed if it says they're depressed ... but it also doesn't mean they necessarily are depressed. It's pretty useless as a mental health questionnaire for people with disabling chronic illness.
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  3. peggy-sue


    I don't take the BDI that seriously myself - I was being a bit sarcastic, Valentijn :)
    Given I'd been told I have depression (when I don't) because of my illness - with no sign of the BDI - but that when I DO tell them I've got serious depression (I had complete anhedonia and I wanted to be dead, now.), they drag the BDI out to check...
    (I did score 26/28, but it's not as if I couldn't have answered to give rise to any score I wanted. :rolleyes: )
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  4. Shoesies

    Shoesies Senior Member

    These pills are what I believe caused my heart to race and flutter with pain in my chest last evening. Thanfully, someone here helped talk me through it. I usually am quite able to remain calm but this was scary. NO wellbutrin for me. Still not depressed just pizzed, I have hope for myself...to regain some quality of life with the right treatment and support. Not sure about keeping my notso supportive. Upped the potassium as well. Hoping for a better day. Had to force the issue about the wellbutrin, took a lot out of me. So today is rest day. I hope that each of you gets a little sun on your face or fresh air today.
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