Volunteers Requested to Evaluate Physician Review Software for ME/(CFS)

Blog entry posted by Cort, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Cort
    thanks Eucalpta - we're behind and are just starting... Thanks!
  2. Eucalypta
    Do you still need more people Cort? I have user interface testing experience, I see a physician and have seen a lot and have ME.

    Let me know and I'm happy to help.
  3. K2 for Hope
    If you would like, after taking a look at the the proposed Software, I could post something that defines what's involved in the review process and how you would like the responses.


    Subject: Physician Review Software for ME/(CFS)

    Objective: Identify items in Software such as:
    - How easy it is to use
    - Comments on the kinds of questions asked
    - ??? (Whatever else you are looking for)

    Time Involved: Any amount of time will help

    - Identify Pro's and Con's for this software

    Skills required:
    - Must be able to clink on link
    - Should have ME/CFS diagnose(?) or if not what were the issues with the dr's (?)
    - ?

    And any other items that will help you in the review process.
  4. K2 for Hope
    I can help also. I have some experience testing software, business applications, etc.
  5. taniaaust1
    Hi Cort.. Im not sure what we are meant to do but I also volunteer to take a look at it.
  6. pamb
    Hi Cort,
    Count me in as surrogate for my ME husband... the list of docs is very long...
  7. Cort
    Great - thanks

    We could use more people......The only requirements needed for this are to have ME and have seen some sort of practitioner....
  8. Molly
    Cort, I would be more than happy to work with you on this. Just tell me where to get started?
  9. glenp
    Me too - maybe I could add something.

  10. Cort
    Thanks Marg!