Vit D = Muscle pain and riniging in brain.

Blog entry posted by lnester7, Apr 4, 2014.

Note to self, do not use Vit D.

Sooo I have been struggling with muscle pain for a while. As soon as I stopped Vit D the pain stopped, I had observed this before, I am pretty sure is when I go over 1,000 where is more obvious, at 1k I feel it on and off. Also the brain issues cleared up about one week after stopping Vit D also.

Will be more careful to use Vit D in the future, maybe use something else or talkt o Dr about it. I am VDR taq CT +-; bsm AG +- not sure that has anything to do w it.
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  1. lnester7
    Yes i check it quit often, it was ok last I tested.
  2. Thinktank
    Have you ever checked your Vitamin D levels? Especially 1,25 di-OH vit, D.
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  3. Olena
    You can eat boiled chicken eggs.
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