Valcyte - 1 Month, 12 Days

Blog entry posted by ArgyrosfeniX, Feb 25, 2012.

Hello Everyone,

Worked too hard on the job and crashed about 1 week ago. Still home sick, but starting to improve today. Spent too much time resting on the couch and have a horrible back spasm too. Been a wonderful week... :In bed:

Had lab work done on the 15th and noticed that my Liver Function tests were above the normal threshold. They were also higher than they were when I started about 1 month ago. Remembering a comment from aquariusgirl on my Day 10 post, I looked into supping with "methyl b12 and folapro/metafolin". Started those yesterday when I got them in the mail, and I'm feeling a bit better today. I'll keep this going for a while and report back on the results of their use.

Here's an idea of what this past week had in store for me:
  • Would get short of breath with walking across the living room.
  • Short of breath by going up half a flight of stairs.
  • Brain fog that made even watching TV difficult.
  • Unable to sit up for longer than 20-30 minutes without lying down.

Lots of fun, huh?! :D

Weight: 261.5 lbs

Activity Level: ~5, now that I'm feeling a bit better. Was 2-3 earlier this week.

Current Dosing: 900mg Daily in AM.

Lab values of note:
  • AST = 44 (norm 10-40 U/L)
  • ALT = 66 (norm 9-60 U/L)

About the Author

Living with ME/CFS since the age of 16 (1989). Was persistent enough to get three Associates Degrees and get married through it all. Working hard to keep going for as long as I can before becoming bedridden. Current treatment plan is to use Valcyte for 2 years starting January 13th, 2012, then possibly switch to Valtrex for an indefinite period. "Here I am trying to live, or rather, I am trying to teach the death within me how to live." ~ Jean Cocteau
  1. ArgyrosfeniX
    Thanks for all of the upbeat encouragement everyone!

    I've started to feel better and was looking to get back to work. My "boss" states he doesn't want me to come back unless I can be 100%.
    Not my 100% mind you, 100% of a normal person's energy and ability to do things... They have already posted my position on,
    so I guess I won't be working there anymore. :headache:

    That's okay though (as long as I get a new job soon). I've been wanting to leave for several weeks now - it has become a hostile work environment.

    I should mention that I've been feeling somewhat better over the past few days. Don't know why that's the case, but I started the B12 and folate
    4 days ago - perchance my body is finally detoxing? Maybe I've just finally rested enough. Who knows?

    Hope everyone has a good week and wish me luck on the job hunt!! :thumbsup:
  2. heapsreal
    Keep your updates coming, hope u see some good improvement soon.

  3. Timaca
  4. justy
    HI, its so frustrating to get improvements, feel better and then crash. This has just happened to me also, after good improvements with B12 injections. I actually got to the point of thinking i was nearly cured! now back to a 2-3.
    We soldier on - at least im not at a 2-3 all the time, like i was a couple of years ago and have days or weeks of being much better.
    Take care, Justy x