The nurse today said:

Blog entry posted by lior, Feb 23, 2018.

- no AV after dinner
- phase out drinking as much water - half a cup less to start with - drinking too much water may be habitual.
- though my liver test result is out of the recommended limit, it's not that bad.
- my kidneys are very good
- vit D, vit B12, magnesium (been on those for a while anyway.)

Not sure how no AV after dinner is meant to help... I think she may have conflated chronic fatigue with chronic fatigue syndrome. I sleep alright apart from when I have a virus. I'm getting the right amount of sleep. It's movement, concentration, and memory that's hard.

Ughhh so sick of having to think hard to work out if a doctor or nurse's advice is going to be useful or if they don't know but believe they do.
I want a teacher type figure who can guide me through all this.

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