Supplement Queen

Blog entry posted by Runner5, Jan 24, 2018.

I barely know this person. She is in a knit hat with cat ears. I have two of those -- before they became political. I just really like cats. I collect almost anything cat related, when I bother to collect anything...the conversation is getting grim... I'm squirming uncomfortably....more and more uncomfortable. Why did I choose to leave the house this day?

"Supplements are not regulated by the FDA" she continues on a rant, I'm pretty sure she's reciting wisdom of Facebook at me, "if someone wants their vitamins they should eat them. They don't do anything they are just expensive urine additives." I want to agree, I think people really should get their food from their food -- but what happens when that just doesn't work....

I let her finish, I'm looking out the window of the coffee shop at a passing freighter (a large ship we have on our local Columbia River). "Have you ever had a GI illness? Are on prescription drugs?" I ask probably too abruptly, I'm not used to talking to another human being honestly. I ask personal questions all the time -- bad habit. She looks taken aback. Well, no. She has great health because SHE unlike the unwashed masses, 'eats right.' Whatever that is. I congratulate her on being a better person than I am. I really don't want to add sugar to my coffee in front of her -- but I really want sugar in my coffee.

I don't know what else to say to her, I don't feel like I have the energy to argue, convince or otherwise discuss my health with anyone really. But I'll let you guys know - because I know you get it.

I have at least 150 bottles of supplements. I have pill drawers, a pill cabinet, the backup pills in the closet, the pills on the kitchen table, the pills in the box in the garage. I don't exagerate, it's a lot. I have the pill shelf in my pantry and the pill basket. I might have more than 150 bottles of pills. I've researched it until I'm blue in the face and experimented now for years. I'm embarassed by how many bottles I have emassed.

There is just something incredibly goofy about my digestion and I don't get the amino acids I require to run my body. I think my diet is 50% pills and 25% protein shakes and 25% Starbucks. At least that's what I joke to myself.

I take the supplements because they work for my GI, insomnia and mood -- alas they don't do anything for my fatigue.

I think though it is impossible to ask healthy people to take the scary leap - the leap where doctors don't always know exactly what is wrong with you. The leap where there does not exist an easy pharma fix. I think there is a shiny happy bubble around healthy folks where if they get sick, they go in, five minutes later they get diagnosed, boom -- cured! Haha (I wonder if that drives doctors a little crazy too?)

But yeah, anyway -- this blog doesn't really have a point.

Just that I might be the supplement queen. And I really like cats. Haha - and coffee.

PS -- I only have one cat friend companion. He insists on being an only cat.

PS2 -- Thank you everyone for being so super nice and allowing me to vent / write here. I really appreciate the kindness and bright lovely comments and support - AMAZING -- this is the best community online.


This is my art table with a couple of project underway -- takes me forever to finish something. Flowers are easier because I can just make them up ;-P

  1. RWP (Rest without Peace)
    You have some close competitors for your Supplement title. I think we have almost the same # as you in our house!
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  2. CedarHome
    My husband used to tell me that all the time re: expensive urine. "You can't (shouldn't) be sick because you eat well!"
    then I got the blood & stool tests done that showed i'm not digesting enough protein or fat, and he didn't believe in the tests.
    so yeah. Smile if you feel like it and rant away. "Oh, you know I had so many opinions about other peoples' health before I got sick, too."

    Kitty therapy here too. Love the paintings!

    Don't know where you're at on the columbia or if it even the same columbia but I was imagining that restaurant in Cascade Locks where you can watch the river from your booth... and eagles swooping... beautiful.
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