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Blog entry posted by sregan, Apr 10, 2013.

I stopped the third round. I had to travel this week so I couldn't afford the side effects which were coming to an apex last Friday. The hardest thing is getting out of bed in the morning. And I'm not sure if that's due to stopping the SMP or from being on the SMP. I had quite a bit of GI disturbance which makes me assume my liver dumped some toxins. The last day I also took a little HCbl and Folinic acid with my MCbl and MFolate. Not sure if that pushed me over the edge or not. It almost seems like someone turned on a switch. Maybe there is a point where the liver cannot keep up and that's when the symptoms happen. Mostly the symptoms are mental from what I can tell. Physically I don't feel that bad but I just want to stay in bed.
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12 years CFS, SMP is helping me.
  1. jimells
    I've been following Rick Van K's methylation protocol since November. Well, trying to. The SMP is still creating havoc in my gut, and I'm still trying to find a schedule that allows me to have a few days per week without IBS-D symptoms. I've been fooling with the activated charcoal and grapefruit seed extract. I think they help some.

    Taking the supplements every other day doesn't allow my gut to recover, so I'm trying a few days on then a few days off. But I'm not sure that is working, either. Meanwhile I have to stay close to the toilet and the Immodium.

    I'm encouraged by the fact that I am having a reaction to the SMP, both the good and the bad.

    Do you have a knowledgable doctor to help you figure out this stuff? My current doctors are completely ignorant about the SMP and have shown zero interest in it. They only know what Big Pharma wants them to know.