Predicted a Bacterial infection based on my CFS behabior - Strep Throat

Blog entry posted by lnester7, Feb 23, 2017.

This is amazing, I always get "normal" energy when I get a cold, or several viral (Zica also) and it is a constant for me.

This week I felt fluish and just wiped out, first day I was very weird out because when I feel a cold I am supposed to feel amazing (I am the only person in the world that celebrates a cold, the worst the better).

Second day, I say something is wrong, I am going to the doctor. My husband gets freaked out because I never go to the doctor for stuff like this. I explain to him that I must have a bacterial infection because I have no energy, and behold! I had strep throat!!!!

It just amazes me that I have come to understand my CFS behavior to this point.
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