Blog entry posted by dixielab, Jan 6, 2011.

Our son is 25. He has been complaining of many of the CFS symptoms since 2007. He was able to graduate from college in 2008. But his symptoms rapidly worsened and he was forced to come back home to live. We have been to many doctors in town as well as flying to drs. far from home. No one has said he has CFS but based on what we've read about it, we are slowly beginning to accept that that's what he has. It's very difficult for me (his mom) to watch him go through this. Sometimes I feel most anxious about his future. Several medicines have been suggested and I am wondering what our next step should be...
  1. helen41
    how painful, as a mother, to have to watch his suffering. There are many on the forum willing to share their knowledge and experiences. If you could post a bit more (location, symptoms, tests done), you might get more direction. Welcome, but I'm sorry you needed to come.
  2. hope love light
    Hi Dixielab,
    Not sure where you live but I know there is a post on here about good Dr's....if you live in NY or near you can see Dr. Susan Levine.
    She will be able to diagnose your son one way or the other. She is the doctor that I saw when I first got sick and she was able to help me.
    Good Luck to you and your son.
    hope love light