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Notes on SMP supp adjustments based on symptoms

Blog entry posted by sregan, Jul 2, 2014.


But it does sound like you may be experiencing some paradoxical deficiency. Flu-like symptoms are pretty classic

Keep taking small increments of potassium throughout the day. See if you can titrate to a point where you feel better. One dose isn't likely to do the whole trick.

Another thing that might help you in the short term is to reduce or even stop LCF for a short time. I love LCF...I think it's done me as much good as anything...but it was months before I could tolerate more than a half capsule (250mg) per day. Too much LCF too early in the game may be pushing you into overdrive. Worth noting is that I'm now taking 1000mg/day and doing well. But that took six months, with most of that time being spent at 250mg/day.

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