North Korean Attack on West and East Coasts

Blog entry posted by liverock, Apr 15, 2017.

Scary title right, and not what we PWME's would want to hear about,but believe you me I am not doing this blog without a lot of thought.

I am also still recovering from an operation I had a few months ago and putting this message out to a lot of other people, as well as the good people of PR is not helping my recovery and the last thing I need, but I feel compelled to warn people.

I first heard about this attack 9 months ago whilst researching the likelihood of tsunamis on both US East and West coasts. There's a lot of 'prophecy waffle', as I call, it on the internet about future tsunamis, which are of little use. Usually there is so little specific detail about where they are going to happen , that they are no use to anybody who needs to get out of the way.

Bearing this in mind I found only one prophecy out there with that sort of detail of a future tsunami on the West coast. It also had another detail which I hadn't bargained for, the tsunami would be set off by a North Korean missile attack.

My fist instinct was to dismiss it as a fantasy, but there was so much detail in the prophecy, such as how many bombs there would be,where they would land, which areas they would flood and most important of all safe areas to go to, which was given overa period of weeks,that the thing didn't fit into a fantasy.

There was still a big no/no for me however before I could consider it as true.....
how could North Korean missiles penetrate the US anti-missile defense system?

When I started checking it soon became apparent that the Ground Missile Defense (GMD) system had had a lot of problems over the years so it could well be penetrated unfortunately.

Now convinced that it was feasible and could well happen, before going into hospital and not knowing how long I would be in and laid up recovering with possible brain fog, I decided to do a blog about this on another health forum I visit (not specifically CFS/ME)

1) I mentioned in the blog that the prophecy opened showing Barack Obama seated at a desk. The person who did the prophecy has corrected me saying this is not in the prophecy which I checked and she is correct.
2) At the time of doing the blog 9/2016 there was no date given for any possible window of time for an attack. As I was going into hospital and not knowing the future I took a guess at November 2016. Wrong :eek::rolleyes:.

Again I was corrected,:redface: she did in fact say the timing would be some time after November 2016. She expects to get a window of the timing which will be posted on her site.

I would advise anybody living in the danger areas on the West coast to read the blog and note the possible safety areas. I know some will be able to move to them and some not. Basically if you live more than midstate (110/120 miles) away from the coastline you are in the safe zone.

If anybody has questions after reading the blog I hope you will bear with me, I am still very fatigued but will do my best to answer as soon as possible.

Ever since first hearing the prophecy I have been praying for all PR members who live in the US West and East coast. I hope that all members will also pray that our members in danger will be delivered and kept safe from harm.
  1. liverock
    Quoted from the above link to my blog at (NatMedTalk)

    "One vision showing the safe areas on the West coast for people to go to where the flooding from the first bomb will not reach. This showed a map of the West coast of California,WA &OR with the whole width of the states divided into a 3 lane highway, and a car travelling North on the lane nearest the coast. This car was then shown moving into the middle lane which was interpreted that the middle lane and outer lane, bordering Nevada would be safe areas.

    If this is correct then water may reach as far inland as 70/80 miles in some places, which sounds to me like the bomb must have set off a large tsunami.."

    No safe areas were given for the East coast, but the only advice I can personally give is get away from the coast if you are under 20 mile from the sea.
  2. ebethc
    What are "the danger areas on the west coast"?
  3. liverock

    The prophecy is a christian prophecy given 12 months ago before there was even a hint of trouble with NK. It contains details as I stated about a 2 bomb attack on the N West coast which starts a tsunami affecting WA,OR and CA. It also states there will be safe places for people to go to to escape the tsunami.
    If it was about being 'hit by a big bomb and its all over' type of prophecy I would not have put it out.
    What would be the point?

    However if people don't want to be bothered about reading and acting on it then that's fine,at least they have been warned.

    I think however if they have family relatives in the danger areas at least they should warn them and let them decide for themselves what they want to do.
  4. liverock
    @research1st @keenly
    I live in the UK and don't watch American TV so I am not stressed out about being attacked. If you had read the blog you would have known that the attack comprised only 3 bombs 2 hitting the NW corner of the West coast and 1 hitting the East coast, so they are statistical flukes as you put it, who appear to have "limped" at least to the NW coast, one hitting the sea and one on the land .

    As far as all the other wonderful defense capabilities, the Pentagon in its report to Congress last October stated that they had 'limited capability' against missile attack which my link to the LA Times articles pointed out as well.

    I sometimes get the impression that people think the US is like Ancient Babylon which was the supreme kingdom at that time and considered impregnable, with a 56 mile wall surround,330 foot high and 25 foot thick. A wide deep moat also encircled it, fed from the river Euphrates which prevented any invading armies
    from even attempting to scale the walls.

    The Persians however didn't conquer Babylon by storming the walls but by exploiting its weak link, diverting the Euphrates river, draining the moat and then just walked in.

    We shall see who is right eventually.

    Stay safe.
  5. Research 1st
    I agree with Keenly and if these things stress you, avoid the news completely.
    News media needs click-bait articles online and also paranoid headlines to make people turn into their channels on TV. They also run the same stories to compete with other channels, just offering a variation on a theme. In other words, it's hard to avoid fear driven agenda politics which needs a platform - news media.

    NK is only a threat if they have genuine SLBM (Submarine launched ballistic missiles) and get through to the US coast undetected via the sea, rather than firing an ICBM in the air from NK to USA, via space. NK hitting the USA with a nuke is only possible with a combination of statistical fluke mixed with borrowed Russian/Chinese modern subs. The actual risk to the USA is theoretically possible but also highly improbable.

    The US has the most sophisticated military in the world which involves defense as well as attack, it also includes classified space based weapons and lazer technology which can be scrambled in minutes.

    I would worry more with what Russia would do in the event of WWIII, should the USA take on Assad in Syria. Now that's a real thing to worry about: One single Russian nuke (Satan 2) can take out an area as big as Texas.
  6. keenly
    North Korea are not a threat. Stop watching the news.
  7. taniaaust1
    I was interested I prophecies before I got too sick, I dont now have the energy now days for those or to even worry about those.
  8. Gingergrrl
    I've heard a bit recently about possible North Korean missile strikes to Hawaii or the West Coast (but not sure what you mean by prophecy vs. actual threats made)?

    I figure if this is really going to happen, then not much we can do about it and prefer to focus on the issues that I can control vs. something like this where if it hits the West Coast, we'll all be dead and it's over!

    Don't know why but it just doesn't worry me much! But sorry to hear you were in hospital @liverock and hoping you feel better soon.