Letters To Help Others Understand

Blog entry posted by Kelvin Lord, Jan 29, 2010.

If this were only fiction, I'd be riveted. Like reading Chronicles of Narnia or watching some of the current Apocalyptic movies where the insidiousness of the enemy is so penetrating. Unfortunately, we know that this is non-fiction, and these letters are expressing the real battles we all face. Thanks for sharing them, Terri.
  1. Tony
    Hi Terri,
    The original Letter to Normals was written by Ricky Buchanan from this website back in 1995 or so. She's happy that others have found it, used it, adopted it etc! It's been translated into several languages too!

  2. gracenote
    These are excellent, Terri. You've articulated very well what I'd like to communicate to healthy people. Thank you.
  3. rajulko
    Just perfect! Thanks
  4. Julia Rachel
    Thank You!!!