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Lectins worse than gluten?

Blog entry posted by SickOfSickness, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. AbbyDear
    good catch. i think gluten is only one of many lectins in grains. there are a few books written about this, e.g. "going against the grain", and i suppose the paleo diet is wrapped around this also. i forget, but the book "breaking the vicious cycle" might have touched on this also (though maybe not specifically calling out lectins). there is also an e-book called "cure your autoimmune and inflammatory disease" that speaks specifically about lectins. i think the 'know your blood-type' author speaks specifically of this also. however, i think there is not so much posted on the net about this, maybe not so much research, though i think there could be something to it. thanks for posting. i have tried some of the lectin fighting potions out there (like lectin-lock), but i can not tolerate them, though i would not discard the theory based on that.