L-Carnitine Fumarate Setback

Blog entry posted by Recluse.F, Mar 7, 2017.

Moving forward with the protocol once I achieved the ability to take tolerate Folate was the switch from L-Carnitine in the liquid form by Jarrow to L-Carnitine Fumarate. It seems like I read so many people referring to LCF as making a huge difference for them.

It turns out to be the wrong thing for me.

At first, I took the full 250 mg pill (from Source Naturals). On the bottle it said to take it up to 4x a day, so I did not think that would be starting too high. It gave me a raging headache that ruined my day. To be sure that it was the LCF that was the cause, I took it 2 more days, and both days was disabled by a raging headache.

I quit it for a week. Then I bought size 3 capsulines and split the dose of 250 into 50 mg capsules. At 50 mg per day, I seemed to tolerate it, and it seemed to give me a little more alertness and ready-to-use energy. Over a two week period I began to experience increasing irritability, anxiety, and IBS problems and eventually had a panic attack. I quit taking it and now seem to be going through withdrawals. The IBS and anxiety have gone away, but I am very emotionally destablized. I am depressed, feel hopeless, evil moody and my kids are hiding from me.

I don't know what to do to alleviate the emotional reaction. It is really horribly bad. I already tried several supplements (that I do not normally take, but have around, like GABA, SAMe) and nothing helped.

I don't know if I should try Carnitine in another form. I could never tell if the liquid L-Carnitine made a difference at all when I was taking it. Bottom line: LCF trial is a fail.

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  1. dannybex
    It doesn't have to be the fumarate form. There's never 'one' right way.

    If you were doing better w/the liquid version, or at least not worse, I'd go back to that. I used to take that years ago, and it definitely helped me I believe the carntine fumarate version may help those with a krebs cycle issue involving succinic and fumaric, or fumaric and malic acids. Or maybe all three.

    It takes time to change things, so if you didn't notice any difference w/the liquid version, you may try it for a longer period. If then you still don't notice a difference, well, then you've saved yourself from having to buy it again. :)