JasonUT - Methylation and Mitochondria: Possibly Useful Links and Info

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Methylation and Mitochondria
Possibly useful links for reference only: Please use caution when reviewing these links.

AMP Protocol:
AMP - Fred: Why it doesn't work? Some notes on Potassium.
AMP Basics - Fred
AMP Start-up Screening: Fred's Potassium vs. mFolate symptoms

SMP Protocol:
SMP - Rich Van H.
Rich and Nathan Clinic Study on SMP

Potassium, K+:
Potassium - Rich Van H.

Riboflavin, R5P, FMN, FAD, Vitamin B2:
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) - UMMC
The ABCs Of Vitamins: Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) - BM
B2 I love you! - PR
No love of B2 here - a warning about riboflavin - PR
B2 - Info On Linus Pauling re FMN and FAD Actions - PR
B2 Riboflavin and me - PR
Riboflavin - Linus Pauling
Riboflavin - AJCN
FMN B2, MAO, Histamines, Oxidative Stress - PR
Is B2 the solution to Methyl B12/folate side effects?? - PR
Sherpa's Experience with B2 and MAO+/+ - PR
B2 I love you! - Iron to B2 relationship: Post #1099 - PR
Hair Mineral Testing - Mitochondrial Matrix and B2 - Post #603 - PR

Fred's Comments on Carnitine - PR

Methylation Pathway Panel Interpretation - Rich Van H.
Glutathione and the Methylation Cycle by Rich Van Konynenburg Ph.D
A Simple Explanation of the Glutathione/Methylation Depletion Theory of ME/CFS by Rich Von Konynenburg
Thread - Rich's Revised Glutathione Depletion--Methylation Cycle Block Hypothesis for ME/CFS

Misc ME/CFS Treatment:
Rich van Konynenburg's excellent multifaceted treatment protocol
Database of allopathic and alternative medications
Caledonia's Methylation and Mercury Links
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