It was worth the wait

Blog entry posted by lnester7, May 12, 2013.

So I had the most wonderful day. I am very happy I never did anything crazy in the middle of my despair with CFS (I am very impulsive). I had energy to take my kid to do her favorite thing (pool) and after I went out on a date. Took a nap in between. I did my hair, I wore a dress, Hills and Make up!!!! One of the things in my list of things to do (CFS bucket list) when I got better.

I was with my feet up most of the day, Took a nap in between and wore earplugs in the movie theater. But these little things allowed me to have mostly a very normal Day:balloons:.

I know this sounds trivial to any normal person, but going out and doing family things without hating/resenting the world or feeling completely miserable by the time you are done, is completely priceless. Every little bit I get better, it just shows me how sick I have been, and how damn bad it has been. If you think you even know how sick you are, wait till you get better, then you will know. Every time I give myself a 70% and I get a little better I realized I was never over a 40% or less.

For those of you suffering, give yourself permission to be sick, TRUST ME you ARE. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it will shine like it never did before. Today just to sit on a park and look the outside world give me happiness beyond believe. I truly enjoy little things now and after so much darkness and desperation, I can truly appreciate live and the world. Please hang in there.
  1. RUkiddingME
    That is so awesome!!! I'm going through a similar stretch and like you can't beleive how incredibly sick I was and how going from functioning from 10% to about 30% is huge!!! I'm so happy for you!!!
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  2. lnester7
    Heaps only you!!! I crashed next day LOL. But back and running again today and back in gym and all. I think I spoke too soon. THE EXITING LIFE of CFS!!!! The good thing is even thoguh I crashed I didn't feel misserable, just no energy. That I can live with!!!
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  3. heapsreal
    we dont care about how ya feel, but want to hear the juicy gossip about the date????, he he he.
    great to hear your doing well
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  4. Creekee
    So glad to hear you're having a good day. Isn't it funny what "little" stuff gives us joy now? I laughed that you did a dress, heels and makeup. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but those are markers of a very good day here, too. Wishing you continued healing!