In which I begin therapy

Blog entry posted by Dainty, Jun 3, 2014.

I've been officially diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the trauma this illness has put me through.

It was validating to hear that. My therapist mentioned that lots of people don't like the diagnosis of PTSD because they associate it with being in a war zone, to which I immediately retorted:

"I've BEEN in a war zone!!"

"Exactly!" was her reply.​

I think we're going to get along swell. :)

About the Author

Dainty became ill as a teenager and spent 7 years mostly bedridden from ME/CFS, life-threatening MCS reactions, extreme food allergies/sensitivities, cognitive impairment, fibromyalgia, episodes of temporary paralysis and various unexplained emergencies. The past 5 years she has experienced profound improvement from various treatment approaches. With homelessness and PTSD presenting as significant obstacles, she continues to pursue healing full time and find incorrigible opportunities to enjoy life.
  1. GracieJ
    My doctor once told me she sees PTSD in just about every CFS patient, all they endure with little or no support. It was a huge relief to hear it recognized.

    My RN sister pretty much puts her nose up at the idea. It isn't a textbook definition, and where are the nightmares and flashbacks? I asked her if I could call her at 2 am the next time I woke up in a cold sweat after dreams of physical abandonment in difficult situations. She said no. . . :) looked at me oddly.

    PTSD is also common in parents/caregivers to RAD children.

    Hello, world . . . Guess what. High stress situations for long periods of time in the strongest among us plays havoc.

    Good luck with the therapist! Sounds like you have a great support resource with her.