Imunovir Users PLEASE READ - UPDATE ON PROTOCOL --- LDN Info also

Blog entry posted by lnester7, May 22, 2014.

So apparently I am not suppose to pulse the imunovir anymore. Except for the every 6 months break.

She told me to use 3 pills a day all week (do not skip weekends anymore) and that is all. Stop every 6 months for one month.

Also told me They start by LDN now in protocol instead of imunovir, Also to raise it to 4.5mg because I am way too symptomatic.
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  1. lnester7
    No I do not need RX
  2. minkeygirl
    Oh so you got an RX? I need to raise my LDN. I couldn't get above .5 mgs without feeling bad. Need to raise it tomorrow. I have to take it in the a.m. it kept me up all night.
  3. lnester7
    I got mine from (Dr Enalander NY). Just that she wanted me to raise my LDN dose from 3mg to 4.5mg. So I am not as symptomatic.
  4. minkeygirl
    Can you put this in a thread with a bit more info? I'm confused about the LDN stuff. Where do you get yours? I was going to order some this week? By your's @Inester7 I meant the immunovir.
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