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Famvir Day 3, NK Test Resutls

Blog entry posted by lnester7, Mar 7, 2013.

I was doing great in the pasts weeks, I was basically back to base (an 8 out of 10) and some days I would feel a good 9. I exercised a lot and was going great.

I had some virus cold or flue or who knows, spend the last 2 days feeling HORRIBLE. But today I am feeling great about a 9 (the 1 point is due to the cold not to ME) but again I go to remissions on colds.

I got my results back from Dr and My NK cells are back to normal at 3%!!! :balloons: EBV is higher and HH6v so the Dr put me on Antiviral Famvir, I am just taking half a pill for the first 2 weeks so I don't feel any different in the first 3 days, so far no side effects.

I am getting worried about my kidneys and Liver, I am going to see what can I eat and drink to make it better, so I keep it clean.

I can now exercise, I still get little PEM a few hours afterwards but nothing unmanageable. I am walking and Abs, Also will start w legs wights when I can.

Life will be great if I keep up this path!!! There is Hope.

So Current protocol
1) Morning Thyroid Meds: Synthroid 0.5 6 times a week, Cytomel 5mg 6 times a week.
2) Supplements: Fish Oil 2,000; Vit C 1,000mg; COQ10 200mg; Equillibrant 1 pill.
Potassium as needed, Vit B as needed, Folic acid as needed, Salt 2mg.
I do this twice a day breakfast and lunch.
3) Imunovir (4 pills a day week 1,3 and 3 pills week 2,4)
4) Famvir half a pill first 2 weeks. Then half a pill twice a day for 2 weeks. Then 2 pills a day.
5) Midodrine for OI : 3 pills of 2.5mg (1 at 8am,12pm,4pm).
6)Florinef for OI: half a pill 3 times a day.
7) Sleep meds: Temazepan 15mg to fall sleep, Trazadone to stay sleep 200mg.
8)LDN for pain: 3mg at sleep time.
9) Other: Juicing. Electrolyte: Coconut water as needed or pedialyte.
Stomach: Kefir as needed.
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  1. jimells
    Hi 7, glad to hear you are doing well. Thanks for the update.
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  2. lnester7
    I can exercise because even the Idiot told me I don't have POTs, I insisted on trying the OI meds and was the best thing I have ever done for myself!!! I don't even have that I am gonna die fatigue with me at all times now. I was in bed there for a while So being this active so fast can tell you how important treating the OI is.

    Imunovir does have its bad side but they started me really really slow and I have been building up the dose. My major issues on it is the sadness on weekends when I get off of it. Also, I get burning stool, and eyes and bottom :)
  3. RUkiddingME
    Good luck with the famvir. Luckily it's one of the milder anti-vitals out there. I was on it 4 months. Month 1 I had to build up to 8 grams a day and month two I was on 16 grams (yep 32 pills a day) at this point i had a bit of nausea, then back to 8 grams for the remainder. My blood tests remained normal throughout. How do you find the Immunovir? I hear that can make you feel crappy? I am so happy to hear that you can exercise!! That is more than I can dream of. At this point I would be so happy to ditch the wheelchair lol. Good luck on the Famvir :)