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Disease + denial eventually leads to advancement of humanity

Blog entry posted by Jarod, Jul 20, 2014.

I figured this out months ago.

Disease + Denial eventually leads to advancement of humanity. Through a bizarre mix of artifical and natural selection along with many other things.

The big picture is humans are one big ongoing human research project. Yes, humanity is being engineered and managed. For thousand of years the evidence is there to prove it. I could probably give compelling evidence if I had energy to do so.(Just look at all the ways we are being researched and tweaked for the last 100 yrs or so).

The longer range picture proves that things have only gotten better since the stone age. We have it way better than Neanderthals did I would guess.

There is an abundance of natural and artificial selection going on right now. Just like the polar bears changed colors to compete for food, we are being forced to mutate and adapt to survive and even sometimes flourish. In todays digital age, somewhere there is likely an Arc (or computer database in an underground bunker). This ARC keeps tracks all of our mutations and diseases along with the abundance of medical research though the decades. Someday this will be put to good use. Be patient, and do what you can to work within the boundaries we are given. :)

The planet and people have been around a long time. What happens in a 100 year time frame does not matter.

In 50, 100, or 500 years this info will be put to use to advance humanity to another level beyond our wildest imagination.

Humans are very special and life on earth no accident. :balloons: GOD works in mysterious ways.

P.S look up the meaning of "Phoenix"
  1. ahmo
    You might appreciate this article.
    "It turns out that Celiac disease is not a disease at all, but a well-functioning early warning system. In addition to the innate immune response to wheat that we all have, Celiacs have an additional, genetically determined, adaptive response. Whereas non-Celiacs go on consuming wheat and develop cancer, MS and a plethora of other very serious illnesses, Celiacs simply avoid gluten and stay healthy. Celiacs don’t have a faulty immune system, non-Celiacs do."
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