Day Of Visibility Activism: From the Couch Keepin' It Real

Blog entry posted by keepitreal, Jun 10, 2013.

so far i've posted two episodes in a series called "cooking with chronic illness" to this forum, which are part of my overall cooking channel on YouTube

why i'm writing though, is that i made a video for the annual "Day of Visibility" and wanted to be sure you all had the chance to see it since it highlights a reality only you know. the link is below. i feel incredibly lucky to be well enough to run my channel at all and i wish all of you the same good fortune.


About the Author

Due to improvement with anti-virals I launched an online (gluten-free) cooking show in order to share hope through my own story, nutritious food, entertainment, and validation. "Cooking with Chronic Illness" is aimed specifically at folks who have low energy and want/need to cook without breaking the energy bank. Feel free to "follow" me by either subscribing to my show/blog, or on here! you can subscribe via my blog: hope you are as well as possible xo ariyele