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Cause and effect symptom notes as I find them

Blog entry posted by sregan, Jul 1, 2014.

Possibly because I'm a celiac and my gut never healed completely. Or I'm having immune system reactions.

I had many improvements prior to starting these just by going on the elimination diet. Esp gluten but other food intolerances are responsible for my various "cfs" symptoms. For ex, gluten caused neuro reactions, the phlegm in my throat was and still is from soy. Shiners are from dairy (black under the eyes, start near my nose but will show up under my eye if I don't stop eating dairy)

Poultry makes me lethargic if I eat it too many meals in a row.
Corn always causes me to get sores on my scalp. Sometimes they're crusty but not always.
My ataxia vanished one year post gf diet when my B12 was in the 200 range.

Little Bluestem
Sore throat (and mouth) are a symptom of B12 deficiency. Are you taking B12? It takes a lot of B12 to put iron into hemoglobin.

I haven't noticed any of the low-potassium symptoms, except a VERY minor tendency for my calves to cramp -- so minor I haven't even been bothering to take potassium lately.

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