Best supplements to take for CFS

Blog entry posted by Please Advise, Dec 5, 2013.

I would like to hear what has helped you recover or significantly improve your CFS. Antiviral medication/herbs? Nutrition supplements? Please Advise :)
Please Advise

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I'm looking for cutting edge treatments for CFS, adrenal fatigue, and hashimoto's.
  1. August59
    Try one new thing at a time. Go slow and be patient and document what that one new thing you added has or hasn't done for you. Then make a decision to drop and one more thing or stay on it and add something new.

    If and when you decide to add something new, scour this forum and read the experiences that others have had, but always remember everyone is different and we will react different and always go with gut feeling no matter what some else may or may not say.

    Again, try one new drug/supplement at a time and go slow and document.

    I would obviously give more credence to a reputable study when it comes to making a decision
  2. Olena
    Monolaurin helped me, but then need to restore microflora.
    I have all the indicators are normal, only low NK cells.

    I periodically receive something for their increase: glyoxal Heel, Hormel Heel, AFA Bluegreenfoods - now accept Allicin and Moducare (but got worse than monolaurin)
  3. Beyond
    Yeah without tests you´ll be pretty lost. You´ll be pretty lost even with them lol but without them the chances of finding things that work are drastically reduced.
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  4. taniaaust1
    For myself, it was based on testing and what has been found eg I had a double copy of MTHFR mutation... on the right supplements for that I have a bit more stamina. Hair testing showed I had no molybdenum (an essential trace mineral).. just 3-5 days of taking that supplement then had me able to do maths in my head again..something I hadnt been able to do for YEARS. Working out my food intollerances and dietry issues helped me too. Treating my coexisting POTS due to the ME helps some too. I think to improve your ME/CFS you need to work out what issues you have via tests and treat these.
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  5. heapsreal
    I think alot depends on testing and what was found. For me antivirals have helped but, im positive for ebv and cmv and lymphocyte testing shows my immune system is activated and fighting something. Other tests shows my nk function is low. otherwise treating symptoms like insomnia, use lots of antioxidants. Also treated low hormone levels-dhea, testosterone, pregnenolone.

    But outside of symptoms i think one needs some testing to start off??
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