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Back on LDN, Pain almost gone

Blog entry posted by lnester7, Jan 5, 2014.

What was that??!!?!?!?! I really would love to figure it out what is causing pain like that. I have not made 2 miles walk in a few days so not sure it the walking was just too much.

I feel better overall, I slowed down today considerably, Will start routine tomorrow hopefully can maintain the upswing.
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  1. Olena
    LDN Make me very low macrophages...I stopped taking LDN /

    Information about this is on the site GcMaf
  2. lnester7
    i really thinks it was just coincidence. I do not feel any progress on LDN. Might be wrong.
  3. minkeygirl
    Congrats! The next thing on my protocol is LDN and I see my doc Friday. Hope I have the same benefits.
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