Adrenal Repair and IBS

Blog entry posted by sregan, Apr 8, 2017.

In my last blog entry I made the connection between my increasing IBS, seasonal allergy (which was new for me) and my low cortisol levels. Note that I did a salivary test in the past which showed a high "morning response" then low the rest of the day. This was many years ago. But I know exactly what low cortisol feels like for me.

My strategy to fix started with Pantethine and Paba. My old standbys that I had written about years back. They didn't seem to be doing the job so much this time. I added sublingual Pregnenolone and a little licorice herb and a week later DHEA.

I tried to stay away from stressors but had to make a trip out of town and the driving always stresses me out. Add that to another stressful event (one day) in my marriage and any progress I made was gone. IBS was back in full force with mucus coming out 2-3 times in the morning and an urgency to go just for a little blob of mucus.

Instead of Pantethine I'm taking B5 for a while and added a little Methyl B12, morning multi minerals, Selenium and Yogi Egyptian Licorice Tea in the AM. Anyway these additions are working well and I assume it's the Tea that is the biggest contributor. In a couple of days I am feeling much better. Last night I used charcoal and it helped me sleep in this morning. I usually have a fairly toxic feeling movement waiting in the morning. The charcoal helps to deactivate the toxins so the urgency to go and the toxin seems to act like an NDMA agonist (MSG like) so it wakes me up.

Gonna stay this course and try to limit stressors as much as possible.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that I also started taking my daily "oil based" vitamins before bed which seems to have helped a lot. Vitamins A, D, E and K along with Astaxanthin.

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12 years CFS, SMP is helping me.
  1. sregan
    I did notice things seemed to get better when I was on the SMP supps. I wasn't sure why though.
  2. Kathevans
    Have you noticed what folate does to your IBS? It definitely helps mine, which reduces dramatically with each increase in folate...
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  3. sregan
    I do have some Siberian Eleuthero that I have taken in the past. I have shy'd away from herbals because most are referred to as "adaptogens" which say they can raise or lower cortisol based on whatever.. I know I need to raise mine and didn't want to risk that they might lower mine. I'm also worried about anything that might "push" the adrenals (like coffee, etc). If this meets those concerns I'd probably like to give it a try. I do like what you say about it switching off the "alarm reaction". The licorice tea I'm happy with. I may add some more calcium to my daily routine and see if that helps the IBS.
  4. Carl
    Have you tried Siberian Ginseng? It can be helpful to the adrenal glands as it tends to sensitize the body to cortisol which means that the body needs to produce lower amounts to get the same result. That sensitization to cortisol can help the body deal with highly stressful events as small increases in cortisol have greater effect. I am type 1 diabetic and changes in blood sugar even at the edges of the normal range can cause dramatic increases in cortisol release which I notice as tension in my legs which is unpleasant which is why I stopped using it.

    It does have another benefit, it switches off the alarm reaction where the body reacts to sudden shocks by a release of adrenalin which can make people jump and react. When taking SG I noticed that this was deactivated and sudden shocks did not make me react to being startled etc.

    I use Licorice myself, mainly Zhi Gan Cao which is a Chinese honey fried/cooked (cannot remember exactly) version of Licorice which has a warmer energy than regular licorice.

    BTW have you tried Calcium, even small amounts of calcium carbonate can work to help with the IBS? Note that it does tend to be a bit constipating which might not be what you want.
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