Acety-l- carnitine with ALA

Blog entry posted by lnester7, Jan 9, 2013.

I started ALC w ALA. I got a headache, like a high BP one. Also felt like pressure like in head, and felt very fluish all day. I forgot that ALA keeps me awake but this time it didn't. I will see how well I can tolerate and I will try to make it.
  1. physicsstudent13
    my brain fog wasn't cured on ala alone but maybe it can work in combination. is ACLAR safe and can it regenerate mitochondria but how?
  2. lnester7
    The best for my memory was treat OI (florinef+Midodrine)
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  3. physicsstudent13
    I think it may help focus and memory, the ALA gives me nausea sometimes but helps blood sugar and may chelate heavy metals. does carnitine fumurate help memory? I'm looking for something for short term memory learning and retention. maybe citicoline or alpha gpc or sunflower lecithin?
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  4. cph13
    Hi Inester, Hope I am not intruding. I hae a quest.

    I just took alc/ala 400/200. I haven't ordered the carnitine fumerate yet. I wanted to see how this would work for me. I've taken the alc/ala before but not during a SMP. How did U fair on this? Thanks for any info U can provide. Be well. Happy Healing.