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  1. svetoslav80
    Take them if you have: depression anxiety obsessive compulsive disorder chronic pelvic pain syndrome interstitial cystitis irritable bowel syndrome fibromyalgia esophageal hypersensitivity chronic facial pain functional gastrointestinal disorder migraine perineal neuralgea neuropathic pain temporomandibular pain bulimia neurosa stroke premature ejaculation attention deficit hyperactivity...
    svetoslav80, Apr 28, 2013
  2. svetoslav80
    I lost my whole summer due to very bad esophageal ulcer. When I say ulcer I know most of the people connect it with pain, but this ulcer makes me sick like as when I have a flu, it makes me fatigued, so fatigue is the bigger issue I have with it. After 2-3 months of being very sick, I've become so weak that I developed a bacterial infection - you know, one of these which cause sore throat,...
    svetoslav80, Sep 4, 2012
  3. svetoslav80
    I was on a job interview (again) 2 days ago. They told me that if they approve me they will call me today. Guess what - they didn't call. This is not my first job interview since I'm sick. I'm searching for a job for 2 years. I'm still able to work even that my mind is now at 50% capacity. But when I talk with someone 1)they see the fatigue on my face and 2)they see the fear in me (I've become...
    svetoslav80, Dec 23, 2011
  4. svetoslav80
    I just finished my 5 day water fast. I'm now gradually feeding myself with fruits and fruit juices. I expected that this fast will improve my ulcer and worsen my infectious prostatitis (they say fasting weakens immune system). However things didn't go exactly like that - fasting improved my infectious prostatitis (almost no pains now),and maybe improved my uninflammatory prostatitis too (yes, I...
    svetoslav80, Aug 5, 2011