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    I am this only one who really gets me. I asked for a testosterone level and it turned out to be low. The Dr also decided to put me on DHEA and pregnenolone. These two seem to give me fatigue symptoms. I had the worst day in 15 months on Saturday. This whole experience is quite humbling. Trying to wrap my mind around these complex biochemical processes - Kreb's, the ETC, methylation,...
    stridor, Oct 10, 2013
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    Sorry but my story is too long to write out - point form will be less painful for everyone: As a child exposed to mercury on the farm (used in sprays) Grade 3 personality change and shift towards ADD High school shift to early Bipolar symptoms By 1997 = Brittle Rapid-Cycling Bipolar II - Mixed States By 2001 5 hospitalizations, ECT, Treatment Program 2007 - deterioration - however all meds...
    stridor, Oct 5, 2013