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    health warning: this talk was published in 2005 and delivered in 2002 so things may have moved on since then 1: “The more we understand about many diseases, the simpler the models get” I don’t think I’ve ever come across such an impressive critique of the biopsychosocial model before, and it’s astonishing that this talk from epidemiologist George Davey Smith was delivered way back in 2002....
    Simon, Jul 15, 2015
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    A list of my blogs to date: 2018 The CMRC's new biomedical focus and big ambitions (Mar) 2017 Mark Davis finds the strongest evidence yet for ME/CFS immune activation and hunts for the trigger (August) 2016 The Power and Pitfalls of Omics: George Davey Smith’s storming talk at ME/CFS conference (Pt 1 of 2) (Feb) > The power and pitfalls of omics part 2: epigenomics, transcriptomics and...
    Simon, Oct 8, 2013
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    Some research turns out to be wrong in every scientific field, but how big a problem is flawed research in psychology? The Reproducibility Project aims to find out, by systematically trying to replicate studies published in three prominent psychology journals. Brian Nosek, a psychology professor, leads a project that brings together researchers in a large-scale, open collaboration. To date,...
    Simon, Nov 11, 2012
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    Could findings about psychological causes of CFS be overstated or even wrong? Seven years ago, John Ioannidis detonated a small bomb under the Life Sciences with his paper “Why most published research findings are False”. He made the case that widespread failings such as small sample sizes and flawed data analysis mean that most positive research findings are probably wrong. Judging by...
    Simon, Oct 30, 2012