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  1. Sherlock
    Putting this on here today will make it available to refresh me in the future, maybe even years down the line. Today I went all the way to the small lake, 7.5 miles away but mostly all uphill. That took 65 minutes, breathing hard for most of it - just like old times. But my last time doing that was 5 years ago. There had been 3 hour walks in between, and lots of other stuff, but that's not the...
    Sherlock, Jun 12, 2013
  2. Sherlock
    Male, 50s, always had been strong and healthy until a period of enormous stress and then came the "bad cold" in autumn 2008 - which included pronounced effects in my ears. After the cold, I noticed orthostatic hypotension and then took my BP and discovered a sudden onset hypertension, mainly diastolic. It had been ~115/75 but was now ~140/95. For the first time, I could not bring my BP down by...
    Sherlock, Jun 8, 2011