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    Short and sweet: tart cherry capsules seem to be effective in allowing my tendons to heal. Athough not studied or proclaimed nearly as much as quercetin or luteolin, something in the cherry capsules seems to be a powerful mast cell stabilizer which apparently reduces my chymase. Also are powerfully anti-blushing. They also help somewhat against insomina. And surprisingly against polyuria......
    Sherlock, Nov 27, 2014
  2. Sherlock
    Putting this on here today will make it available to refresh me in the future, maybe even years down the line. Today I went all the way to the small lake, 7.5 miles away but mostly all uphill. That took 65 minutes, breathing hard for most of it - just like old times. But my last time doing that was 5 years ago. There had been 3 hour walks in between, and lots of other stuff, but that's not the...
    Sherlock, Jun 12, 2013
  3. Sherlock
    Male, 50s, always had been strong and healthy until a period of enormous stress and then came the "bad cold" in autumn 2008 - which included pronounced effects in my ears. After the cold, I noticed orthostatic hypotension and then took my BP and discovered a sudden onset hypertension, mainly diastolic. It had been ~115/75 but was now ~140/95. For the first time, I could not bring my BP down...
    Sherlock, Jun 8, 2011