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  1. lnester7
    This whole disability business is more challenging than expected. That your world comes to a stand still, doesn't mean it stops for everybody else. I am trying to be good and rest aggressively but just running a house is a full time job by itself. The lady who clean my house cant make it this week, so I wonder how to stop myself from taking over the task. Then is dinner for the family and all...
    lnester7, Jul 10, 2012
  2. lnester7
    Why does everything have to be sooo hard w this disease! I was taking a bath and felt miserable. I used to enjoy baths, It was one of the top 10 things in life that made me happy.I mean really happy, I could feel completely at peace and blissful with baths. I got HR in 125 to 130 during the bath. I put ice on forehead and helped some but overall while I was on the Tub I was wondering why I...
    lnester7, Jul 8, 2012
  3. lnester7
    Last night I was asked to wear the sleep apnea Link test (that measures the oxygen levels) so I did not sleep well. So I decided to try detox bath for the first time. I used 1 pound Epsom salt, 1 pound Baking Soda and 1t of Ginger. I was suppose to be in for 40min. Well I am one of those that do not sweat not even in a sauna or exercising (when I could do it hard), but the bath got me...
    lnester7, Jul 6, 2012
  4. lnester7
    My visit to Dr Rey was kinda bad because I was doing the treatment wrong, I was doing half the dose of the imunovir, so not much progress was been made. Now I started the right Doses and not having any additional side effects. I was told to Drink water and water and more water, that was basically the mantra. But I do drink A LOT OF water so I figure I have some kind of water retention issue. I...
    lnester7, Jul 4, 2012
  5. lnester7
    Viral reactivation: ParvoVirus, Coaksakie, Roseola. b cells results: 21 Range: 8-18 High NK CD3-CD56+ results:1.27 Range: 5-16 Low CD5+ results:67 Range: 68-82 Low CD5+CD19+ results:0.78 Range: 1-9 Low CD8+CD95+...
    lnester7, Feb 25, 2012
  6. lnester7
    I got Sick 5 Years ago, not sure how I got sick, I think it was gradual onset and cannot remember exactly how or when. Main symptoms: FATIGUE (this was the only main symptom for the first 2 years). PEM or post exhortation malaise. Muscle pain and join pains. Flu like malaise. heart pain like muscle spasm. Sleep (falling sleep and do not get into stage 4 sleep) After 3 years developed...
    lnester7, Feb 25, 2012