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  1. Lisa
    Eight years ago today saw one of the worst days of my life. The last two months had become an ever increasing nightmare as life started to plunge into the icy depths of serious illness. With chronic fatigue making it increasingly difficult to work even part time and chemical sensitivities springing up like wild flowers in some twisted tormented garden, my world was definitely crashing down around...
    Lisa, Oct 6, 2009
  2. Lisa
    Everyone who knows me will tell you that in all my emails, live chat, any place that allows for more one-on-one text communication, that almost without fail I will close with a hug. Sometimes I will even get carried away and there will be different variations of hugs, such as from bunnies and kittens. A fair assumption would be that I am this way out of my virtual life as well. But Im not. Not...
    Lisa, Oct 5, 2009
  3. Lisa
    A star is born in the depths of space from nothing more than clouds of gas and dust drawn together by once inexplicable forces. From such humble beginnings did our own star form billions of years ago. The same star that provides warmth on a cold day, life to everything and everyone, once began as no more than dust floating in the vastness of the cosmos. It is my belief that truly spectacular...
    Lisa, Oct 3, 2009
  4. Lisa
    I remember the very moment I first thought of building a house. It was spring in 2005. After spending the last two years in a constant battle with DSHS to retain our temporary state disability while applying for federal benefits, both Jeremy and I had just received notification our battle was won. We had both been approved for social security disability after appealing our case before a kind...
    Lisa, Oct 3, 2009
  5. Lisa
    Home is a tent right now. A medium sized tent, sitting in a patch of woods in the Pacific Northwest. Alders, maples, cedars, and other various trees shelter us from the world outside. A world that has now become too toxic for us to live directly in any longer. Growing up I had seen my mom diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). I had seen that it meant she could not be around...
    Lisa, Oct 3, 2009
  6. Lisa
    After living in these woods for five years, I had thought I had seen just about everything nature would throw my way. I have seen four foot snows dropped in three days, rain torrents that last for weeks without more than the briefest of breaks, and winds rattling the tree tops around me in a cacophony of sound. None of these can compare to the three furiously driven squirrels that have made their...
    Lisa, Oct 3, 2009
  7. Lisa
    Overlooking the house I am building is a rock. A big chuck of granite unearthed from the very place my house now stands. In the afternoon after the sun has warmed the surface with its loving rays, this stone feels like home, warm and inviting. It doesnt matter if I sit on it with feet dangling in the grasses below, legs tucked under me, or even just needing a good sprawl this rock fits all...
    Lisa, Oct 3, 2009