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    New York Native November 28, 1994 RETROVIRUSGATE by Neenyah Ostrom Have all the retroviral findings in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome been derailed because they resemble HIV just a little too closely? Whatever happened to the "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome retrovirus?" The research, which seemed so promising in 1990 when the virus's discovery was announced at a conference in Kyoto, Japan,...
    JPV, Jan 22, 2010
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    Wistar Institute, Dr. Elaine DeFreitas, and the Cheney-Bell-DeFreitas Work: Startling Revelations from Wistar's World Patent and Serious Reasons for Concern Now Revealed! By Alan Cocchetto As many of you can remember, Dr. Elaine DeFreitas, Dr. Paul Cheney, Dr. David Bell, and others published the work done at Wistar, in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science in April 1991....
    JPV, Jan 21, 2010
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    Osler's Web Revisited -- Did The Centers For Disease Control & National Institutes Of Health Sabotage The CFS Research Of Dr. Elaine Defreitas? Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Government Biological Weapon? THE CONSPIRACY TO HIDE THE ORIGINS OF CFS Within the annals of infectious diseases, there has never been a more mysterious or controversial illness than that of Chronic Fatigue...
    JPV, Jan 21, 2010